DoW2 Retribution Last Stand: Weargear

For Dawn of War II, Gravecat posted a list of wargear unlocks for each race. The Retribution expansion adds a new last stand map (with harder waves – the original map and waves are also retained) and the Lord General as Imperial Guard hero. The other heroes seem to retain their old wargear lists. I’m yet to see a list of wargear unlocks for the Lord General, so I figured I’d start one. I’ll update this as I get new information, and if you’re ahead of me please post in the comments!

Level Description
2 Refractor field: Reduces ranged damage on you and allies around you
3 Medallion Crimson: Combat expert (+30% ranged and melee damage)
4 Master-crafted Carapace Armour: 79 armour rating, immune to suppression, can place a tarantula heavy bolter turret (25 energy)
5 Guardsmen: Deploy a squad of guardsmen (35 energy). If you are armed with a bolter, flamer, grenade launcher or plasma gun they get two of them.
6 Protective Power Sword: 10 DPS, armour piercing (to 100), clear out (knocks back and damages enemy troops), +50 armour
7 Repair: Lord General can repair structures and vehicles (20 energy).
8 Artificer Carapace Armour: 72 armour rating, immune to knockdown, can place a tarantula missile turret. Turret has difficulty with cover but has area of effect and can knock down enemy troops.
9 Sergeant: Adds a sergeant to your minion squads. Grants Battle Hardened (increased defense) to minions.
10 Catachan: Can deploy a Catachan devil squad, which has the Knockdown and Explosives Expert attributes (they have shotguns and frag grenades). They are a commander item, so you can’t use them with guardsmen (35 energy).
11 Reinforce: Reinforce nearby allied minion squadrons (seems to include allies – 10 energy).
12 Mordian Pattern Carapace Armour: 37 armour rating, can deploy executioner turret.
13 Grenade Launcher: 5.5DPS, Area of Effect, Blind Grenade Volley, Knockdown. Equips Guardsmen with grenade launchers as well.
14 Commissar: Increases the damage inflicted by nearby allies, and can be stacked with the sergeant.
15 Ogryn: Tough, resistant troops.
16 Armageddon Pattern Carapace Armor: 30 armour rating, can place Vanquisher Heavy Turret.
17 Take Aim!: Gives ally a temporary damage boost
18 Plasma Gun: 7.3 DPS, armour piercing up to a rating of 100. Equips guardsmen squads with plasma guns as well.
19 Rocket Run: Devastates a strip of ground with rocket pod runs.
20 Storm Troopers: Deploy a squad of elite troops. Can’t be stacked with other minion squads. Allows the general to make a tactical withdrawal (fast run). Also reduces his energy costs by 25%.
Achievement The Black Plate: 125 armour rating, reduces melee damage.
Unlock: Beat 10 waves in a single match whilst holding both strategic points.
Achievement Duelist Honours: Increases melee damage by 40%.
Unlock: Kill 2500 enemies as Lord General

Update: Gravecat’s listing has now overtaken mine.